Med  a Broadcasting Talent

Reporting and Anchoring 

Learn to Anchor and Report the News  

During this intense 2-day workshop, customers  will learn how to anchor and report general news.  Business, weather, sports and health news are customized classes. However, the workshop price is still the same as the general news package.

At the end of the workshop, customers should can have their news reel sent to them as a DVD or have their video resume sent via the Internet as a mov file.

So take a minute out of your busy schedule to claim your spot for one of our incredible workshops.  But first, view our samples.

Course Dates

View Dates

March 5   to March 6

Levels: Any

 General News
  • 2-Day Workshop
  •  Welcome Packet
  • Informational Packet
  • Business Packet
  • Educational Packet
  • Performance Packet
  • Talent Coaching
  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • TelePrompTer
  • Intros
  • Tags
  • Reader
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Box Graphics
  • Headline Font
  • Remote Shooting Locations
  • 5 Montage - Standup's (Field Reporting)  
  • 1 Soft News Packages- Feature (Field Reporting)
  •  4 Montage  (Anchoring)
  •  Name Superimposed
  • Chroma Key
  • Digital Background
  • Anchor Tossing to live shots 
  • Reporter Toss Back to Studio
  • VO (Voice Over)
  • Anti-lower Third of your name and location of shooting
  • 4 DVD Copies or Internet version
  • Standard Slate at Beginning Ending (Name, address, contact *numbers and email address)
  • Website Upload
  • Free Refreshment
  • Choose Your Web Picture for Video Library
  • We will submit your view to a top Talent Showcase, which hiring managers will have unrestricted access to your online material. Your resume tape will be available to news directors around the country, 24 hours a day. 
  • 2-3 Months of Online Viewing 
  • 1 Night Hotel Stay (Must paid total fee 21-days before workshop date)
  • 1 Buffet Breakfast (Hotel Location Only)
Cost $1995.00 

Price: $1999

Class Size: 1