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Did you know that you have to have a demo reel or a news video resume to submit for a film or television job.

Media Broadcasting Talent, we will show you how to express your strengths, further develop yourself and actualize your career goals. Be the next on-air personalities. Act now. Make that change and choose you. Register for one of our workshops and say "yes" to a more fulfilling

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A demo reel is a short piece of video or film footagr showcasing an actor or presenter's previous work. Usally 2 to 3 minutes in lengths, a demo reel typically supplement an artist's resume and is used to promote the artist's skill, talent , and experience to acting agents and casting directors. Do not choose this package if you need video editing services. Choose our video editing package
Our news workshop was designed for people who want to become a news anchoring or reporter. Read your scrip from a teleprompter. report in the field. At the end of the workshop, you will have a news reel to submit to news directors.
Entertainment news focuses  on of the entertainment industry such as films, music, fashion and celebrities information. The main purpose of this type of journalism is to entertain.

Our video editing includes cutting segment (trimming), re-sequencing clips, and adding transitions and other special effect. Choose this package if you want us to edited your video content already shot. We will assemble an email you the video as a mov or flv file.



We only hire people working in the industry. People who share our passion for making your audio or video material the best it can possibly be. That way, you know you’re being helped by people who know their stuff.  We are not just educators and professionals. We are innovators and creators. Experts in resolving the challenges you will face in the industry.  We are specialist trained in using  technologies to provide tomorrow's entertainment experience today. 

Our goal is to provide an environment in which each customer is encouraged to develop their on-air skills while discovering new strengths.
Media Broadcasting Talent is truly customer driven. We motivate, inform and train our customers to help them secure jobs in today's market.  We give our customers choices, convenience and control over the making of their audio or video resume/demo for an incredibly low price.  We know the competition will always be intense for on-air  jobs. Recruiters have one goal in mind to find the most qualified candidate as quickly as possible. Being properly preparation is the secret to a successful job search.  Having an audio or video material ready when an on-air position becomes available is key. So, if you need an audio or video resume, Media Broadcasting Talent is the solution.